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Compensation for Backgound Check Victims

Many people may not be aware of their rights and protections from Background Checks that cause harm. You may be eligible for SIGNIFICANT COMPENSATION.


Mistakes on your credit report can be devastating and costly. Your information may be mixed up with another person that has a similar name or address, or credit reporting agencies are reporting outdated negative information. You are legally protected from errors, and dated information.

Identity theft can also cause errors on your credit report, such as, accounts that you never opened, which can greatly impact your credit score, and the ability to get financing.

Dated criminal information that should be REMOVED and EXPUNGED and other errors and injustices are subject to legal standards on a state by state basis. Have your rights been violated? IPG Law Group can help.

Criminal Background Check errors can lead to loss of employment or denial of promotions, denial of housing loans or rejection of apartment applications, higher insurance premiums, unfair fees, and emotional distress.

IPG Law Groups, LLC, a highly experienced firm of clinician attorneys and victim’s rights advocates, has assembled a team to assist consumers who have been harmed.

IPG Law Group - Your Background Check Advocate

Never an up front charge. IPG Law will only receive funds if your case results in a benefit. Our team will handle all aspects of your case and work to get you the maximum benefit.

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We take on all cases on contingency. This means you will never see a bill from us. You will only pay us if we win. We also never charge for consultation. Please call us if you have any questions. We will be happy to provide helpful information even if you do not hire us.