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The Path Forward


Most law firms, by and large, share a reasonably similar model: A prospective client comes in with a problem in need of solving and the firm responds to that individual case by marshaling the appropriate resources within the firm to help the client attempt to find the resolution he or she seeks. The principals of IPG Law Group Inc. believe there is a better way.

IPG Law Group focuses on the path forward to find the best possible outcome for our clients.

We are consumer focused, seeking fairness and the legal rights of our clientele with experience in a broad spectrum of consumer needs. We will match a legal team that best suits your needs, not ours.

Compensation for Backgound Check Victims

IPG Law Group has been hearing from more and more clients who are suffering injustice due to Background Check issues. This is a problem that has become epidemic. False or dated criminal records can cause tremendous harm. In some cases records are improperly associated with the wrong person. Many people may not be aware of their rights and protections from Background Checks. Mistakes on your credit report can be devastating and costly. First Advantage Lawsuit and IPG Law Group are here to help.

What Makes IPG Law Different

We are client focused. Dealing with IPG means being part of a family, not a nameless cog in massive and impersonal corporate wheel.

IPG’s expertise is in developing the case, doing the research, and finding the most qualified litigation firm to partner with so that the people who were harmed can have the justice they deserve.

IPG believes their model is the prototype for law firms of the future. With this forward-looking model in mind, IPG has dramatically increased our case success rate. How can we help you?

How can IPG Law Group Help Me?

Intake counselors are standing by to assist you with the claims process.


Learn in minutes whether or not your case meets the general qualification standards for a potential claim.

Gather Details

Intake counselors will work with you to assist in the gathering of all critical details.


Once your case has been pre-qualifed, and fact finding has been completed, IPG Law will assign your case to the most qualified representatives.